Moving company employee carefully packing up box for client

Tips for Selecting the Right Tucson Moving Company

When you’re thinking about moving from one place to another, you could do all the work yourself but that’s exhausting. Therefore, most people hire a moving company to help them make the move less stressful.

What are some tips for selecting the right moving company?

Reasonable Rates Known in Advance

First, how does the company decide what to charge you? Many companies will offer to make a list of your stuff and then figure out the bulk weight of it all so they can give you a price. They have to figure out how much stuff will be moved so they can estimate the size of the truck and/or number of trucks needed, along with manpower, etc. They’d also want to know how far a move it would be– is it across town or to another city or state? You’ll want to pick a moving company that offers reasonable rates that fall within your budget.


Ideally, a good company does a thorough walk-through with you to see what you have. They might ask questions about certain items. They might want to know the layout of your new place and where things will go… Is the new place one floor, or more? Are stairs involved? How many really heavy pieces are being moved? You should feel comfortable communicating with movers about any and all thoughts you have– if they’re “on the same page” as you, that’s great. If not, that’s a problem. You want to work with movers who understand your wants and needs– you don’t want to work with clueless people.

Avoiding Scams

If a company asks you for cash upfront or to make a deposit, be careful– they could be scamming you. You should also avoid companies that have several name changes– if they change names often, they’re probably trying to escape their bad reputation from the past. You can check with the local Better Business Bureau to see how they’re rated, as well as ask around and get trusted people’s opinions about companies you’re considering. It’s always a good idea to check references and/or reviews when you’re trying to find “the right company” to hire.

Look for Hidden Fees

Finally, does the company charge way too much money to pack your stuff up? Do they have a list of “additional” (or hidden) fees? That can get awkward.

Top Movers in Tucson

Basically, you want to choose a moving company that’s affordable, trustworthy and communicates well. In Tucson, AZ, that’s Tucson A-Box Moving & Storage; Call 520-303-8035 for info.